We love cheese. We eat a lot of cheese. Some say too much. We say not enough. The only thing better than eating cheese, is eating melted cheese.

After experimenting with making fondues and other melted cheese delights for friends and family over the years, the idea came that the love for melted cheese could be shared.

The main highlight of what we do is fondue. That gooey, intense, heartwarming dish that you might have come across during that Swiss ski holiday, or at that 70’s party where everything was orange and brown.

It’s a dish perfect for those chilly evenings when the nights draw in, and thankfully the UK and Ireland have loads of excellent cheeses that mean fondue can be as native here as it is on the sunny slopes of Europe.

We run supper clubs around London that have fondue at their heart, followed by a little light dessert to take the edge off the cheese coma. The food is plentiful and the atmosphere jolly. We all eat together, so you might leave having made a few more friends as well as that satisfaction (or hallucination) only fondue can deliver.

As fondue is all about the cheese, we buy it from Neal’s Yard Dairy who have been at the forefront of British cheese for over 30 years. The best cheese needs the best bread, so you’ll have Brickhouse Bakery bread to dip in there. Any beers that find their way in the pot are from Kernel Brewery, our favourite brew.

The cheesemonger behind our fondues is Nath Coyte. Nath has been working as a cheesemonger for 12 years, working for Simon Jones, Borough Cheese Company and currently Neal’s Yard Dairy. He has been lucky enough to gorge on delicious cheese that whole time, as well as have friends willing to help him eat it.

If you want to eat melted cheese too, head over to the booking section, or email